Announcing our music collaborator: Disasterpeace!

Exciting news - the Beasts of Balance game will be scored by Disasterpiece!

So this is some very, very exciting news.

We’re thrilled to announce that indie game luminary and all-round stellar composing talent Disasterpeace is going to be creating the soundtrack for our connected-tabletop-digital-stacking-game Fabulous Beasts.

One of the things that really excites us about creating a game that bridges tabletop and digital is the potential for music to add a completely different dimension to the experience. We want to bring your fabulous worlds alive with sound, underpinning the tension and excitement of each move.

When we thought about music, we thought about Disasterpeace. The Fez soundtrack holds a place deep in our hearts, and there was something about the atmosphere and mystic feelings it evokes that seemed to resonate with what we were trying to do.

So we called him up.

And he said yes!

And then we all tried to act cool and not do one of those fist-pump gestures tennis players do after a big rally.

Disasterpeace says:

‘I’m always looking to work on projects that can bring something of value into the world. I was really drawn to the collaborative spirit of Fabulous Beasts, its accessibility and immediacy for all ages, and the exploration of virtual and physical platforms colliding. In the spirit of the game, my plan is to work with a bunch of different musicians, to create different chunks of music that will represent the different species, or perhaps the genus/family, this way as the creatures evolve the music can also evolve in genetic ways.’

We say:

“OMG just reading that is so exciting. We sent Disasterpeace links to field recordings of Australian dawn choruses and Pharoah’s Dance by Miles Davis and about 24 hours later he’d sent us back something beautiful and original.  Creating this soundtrack will be a huge adventure and we can’t wait to get started on it.”

If you want to help us make this idea a reality, here are two things you can do! Sign up for a notification when our campaign launches next week, and join our Thunderclap (a handy tool which posts a tweet out on your behalf come launch day).

We’ll leave you with a little sample of the music Disasterpeace has created for our Kickstarter video – itself an early preview of the musical style of the game.



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