Sensible Object is closed. - Beasts of Balance

Sensible Object is closed.

Posted on 3rd December 2019 in Blog

The team that made Beasts of Balance was recently acquired and Sensible Object is in the process of being wound up.

Sensible Object is no longer selling any products, including Beasts of Balance and all expansions. Unfortunately we cannot give a concrete date for when they will be back on sale.

We will continue to maintain and update the app so that players can still enjoy Beasts of Balance.

If you bought your game at any time after March 1st 2019 it will have been from a 3rd-party re-seller and you should contact them directly if you require replacement pieces or games.
Troubleshooting guides for the most common problems can be found on our helpdesk FAQs via the links below:

If the links above don’t help then further technical queries can still be sent to our helpdesk at Please note we cannot guarantee an exact response time and we will not be responding immediately over the holiday season.

Thanks for your patience,
The Beasts of Balance Team