Fabulous Beasts launch party – we bring you all the hot takes

We had a launch party last night! A bunch of people from our mailing list came along. They played the game a lot. It’s great to put the beasts in their natural habitat – that is, a few beers, a bit of time to chat and play and have fun, and a lot of time to build the perfect tower.

Here is what they made of it.


One team’s dark feelings about the Toucan and his heavy nose.

“Brilliant! First time playing the game, great fun – we were discussing that it’s on all different levels, not just physically but theoretically as well”

A high-level strategy emerges!

We’ve got a base of the Eagle, the Bear and the Shark. We’re just starting a new one where you use the Miracles early on.”

Q. Would you recommend Fabulous Beasts to a friend or neighbour?
A. Yes. If they like to have fun. Or be a god. Or both.

As well as those lovely comments, we love the roars, moans and cheers from players in the background. That’s what playing Fabulous Beasts can sound like!

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