Moby Brick: The Space Whale - Beasts of Balance

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Moby Brick: The Space Whale

High above the world, the beautiful, blubbery Moby Brick plummets through the cosmos… Stack Moby Brick in the tower to summon this celestial cetacean. Add this high scoring Legendary in Co-op mode mode to unlock a host of weird and wonderful new hybrid Beasts including Cosmic Shuttlefish and Bazooka Beluga. Pick the perfect elements to play to summon Moby Brick in Battles mode, then use your smart device or TV remote to guide the Space Whale down to earth to squish your opponents’ Beasts; but be careful not to splat your own! Includes: 1 x Legendary Space Whale Artefact. 1 x Legendary Space Whale shiny card.

Device Requirements: Your smart device must meet the minimum requirements in order to use the Beasts of Balance app. Minimum requirements: iOS 10.0 (or above) or Android 5.1 (or above), Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy/Smart protocol, 1GB+ RAM (recommended)

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