The Omnibeast


This rare Artefact will mix up your game with its mysterious and unique powers. When you play it, Omnibeast will manifest in your world as one of the beasts you’ve unlocked in your Bestiary, introducing new strategy and helping you populate your world with extra fabulousness!

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The Lalnalion


Meet Lalnalion, a very special beast whom you might just recognise… Inspired by The Yogscast’s very own Duncan Jones, the Lalnalion Artefact introduces a strange and wonderful new menagerie of over 40 hybrid Yogs-flavoured beasts for you to discover and add to your Bestiary!

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Beastly Playmat


Play in luxury! A must for both collectors and casual players, our beautiful, decorative Playmat will also help protect your table from bumps and knocks as your stacks topple.

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Special Editions

Beasts of Balance: Handmade Edition


Own a true one of a kind. Any Beasts of Balance set provides an award-winning game of skill, strategy and creation, but the Handmade Edition provides an experience like no other. Each set is lovingly hand-finished using a selection of high-quality techniques and materials, signed, numbered and packed in our Somerset House studio under the watchful eye of Tim, our lead product designer and self-confessed perfectionist.

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