Help Beasts of Balance Clean Up this Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted on 25th November 2016 in Blog

Please note that this promotion ran in 2016, and is no longer running for future Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. 

This is our first Thanksgiving and rather than join the thousands of other businesses scrambling to offer mega discounts, we thought we’d use the opportunity to take a breath and do something a little different. Beasts of Balance was inspired by nature and here at Sensible Object we passionately believe that safeguarding our planet is one of the biggest priorities facing us as a species. That is why this Thanksgiving weekend, we will be donating 20% of all sales we make on to The Ocean Cleanup. It’s a small gesture, but every little helps and we hope that you agree that it’s a worthwhile initiative.


Octopus game piece from Beasts of Balance looking at plastic in the ocean

Octopus could use some help these days.

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. One passive system could theoretically remove about half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years.

A photo of The Ocean Cleanup project in action

For more information on the Ocean Cleanup check out


Beasts of Balance partners with The Ocean Cleanup this Thanksgiving weekend

Our commitment is for 20% of the proceeds from all sales through between Friday 25th November and Monday 28th November will go to the Ocean Cleanup.

A collection of game pieces from the Beasts of Balance stacking game

This is an independent initiative by Sensible Object Ltd. to support the excellent work done by The Ocean Cleanup. All statements are Sensible Object’s. This program only applies to sales made through and does not apply to any sales made through retailers or other third parties.