The World of Twitch, Parenting, and Beyond: an Interview with John Reid

The media each generation grows up with is constantly shifting. And today’s relatively new kid on the block, streaming, has certainly made its mark on consumer entertainment – with platforms like Twitch providing a hub for audiences to watch and interact with others doing anything, from making a meal to playing games, as it happens […]

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Beasts of Balance Reviews

Have a read about Beasts of Balance in reviews, videos and podcasts! Article ContentsOctober 2017September 2017August 2017July 2017June 2017May 2017February 2017December 2016November 2016 October 2017 ‘If your’re looking for a family game to play this Christmas that combines traditional boardgame elements with high tech augmented reality then look no further than Sensible Objects’ Beasts of […]

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App Update: fabulous translations, spooky crustaceans, sharing celebrations and more!

Hi folks – we have a super app update that will (depending on your excitability threshold) make you say OMG! Or should we say: Here are the details: We’ve added support for our little crustacean friend, the Ghost Crab. So when you get the physical beast, his digital form will be all ready to go! […]

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Top 14 Educational Games for Children – Your Kids Will Love These!

School, as important as it is, can also be very tedious. Especially for young minds thinking of nothing but the next breaktime and playing outside in the sun (which is also great and important, don’t get us wrong, but alas only accounts for a relatively short amount of school time). So how do you capture […]

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Children’s Development and the Use of Technology

Simon Widdowson, Computing Coordinator, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham. I have been a subject coordinator for Computing, teaching pupils between the ages of 7 and 11, for almost 25 years. Throughout the past quarter of a century I’ve seen ideas come and ideas go. I’ve ‘played’ with new technologies (ranging from Podcasting to videogames, movie making […]

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12 Intelligent Toys for Kids that You’ll Love Too

Toys for kids have come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days when children must make do with measly hula hoops, or jigsaws of kittens in baskets.* Now there are intelligent wonders popping up left right and centre, some taking old toy concepts and giving them a technological spin, others […]

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Thoughts from the Children’s Media Conference

A few weeks back, George made a trip up to Sheffield for the Children’s Media Conference, where he was on a panel on creating toys and games that spanned across the digital and the physical worlds. Alongside Jais Holm Christensen (from Lego) and David Kleeman (from Dubit), he spoke about the experience of developing Beasts […]

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Using Beasts of Balance in Education

Beasts of Balance is a creative game. If you’ve ever had a chance to play it, this statement is no surprise – it’s a game where stacking physical artefacts has an impact on a digital world. It’s also a game where players can discover fantastical creatures, from a land-dwelling Octopus (‘Rocktopus’) to a hybrid Bear-Eagle […]

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We had so many great entries to our haiku competition that we thought we would compile them all here for others to read and enjoy! The theme, as you may soon gather, was warthogs, in honour of the last ever glorious handmade warthog we’re giving away. We’ll be announcing the winner of the competition soon […]

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