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Exit Board Game Varieties

The Best Board Games For A Family Christmas

We’ve selected some of the very best family games that will be exciting for all ages and shouldn’t lead to too many heated debates (at least, not as many as your average Christmas Monopoly session).

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Kits and Pieces: why STEM kits for kids are about play rather than just education

Harry Potter and Marvel’s Avengers are among the famous characters taking on a new adventure: helping children learn computer-programming skills.

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Which Type of Board Game Player Are You?

Are you a deliberator? A smug winner? An explainer? A rule-bender? Take our quiz to find out!

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The Nine Types of Board Game Players

They say don’t hate the player, hate the game. Unless the player is the smug winner. Then that’s different.

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board games and tabletop games to play on valentines day, including Fog of Love, Beasts of Balance, and Jaipur

Top Board Games for Couples to Play on Game Night

In our absoluuutely unbiased opinion, we feel board games are one of the best activities you can bring to game-slash-date night. They may not have the glamour of a five-star restaurant, or the sensuality of a salsa dance class (shocking, we know!), but they more than make up for it in their variety.

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Fancyprance the Fabulous Unicorn, new legendary for beasts of balance battles

Dragons and Card Art and Space Whales, oh my!

A few people here and there have asked what we’ve been up to. The answer is: quite a lot! We’ve been hard at work on Beasts of Balance Battles, the competitive expansion to Beasts of Balance.

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Our Inspiration

Beasts of Balance is a work that is inspired. Our team is composed of people who are inspired by all sorts of people and things around them, which inevitably feeds into the work they create – including Beasts of Balance.

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2017 – Our Year in Review

2016 was a busy but fabulous year for us.

2017… was a whirlwind too. A frantic, joyous, beast-filled whirlwind.

Take a look with us as we peer back at what happened in the last 365 days.

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a family playing the tabletop game Beasts of Balance together

The Best Gateway Board Games

We’ve put together our list of best gateway board games that will let new players dip their toe into the magical world of board games. (Bonus: they’re also great for non-beginners too!) And, since we were lucky enough to go to PAX Unplugged recently, we’ve also added some cool games we discovered whilst we were there.

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