2016 – A (Fabulous) Beast of a Year

It’s been quite a year! As we kick back for the holidays, why not stack up a couple of mince pies and a sherry or two, and catch up on the highlights of the (frankly improbable) stuff we got up to in 2016. Preparing the Rewards The year began with three weeks to go until […]

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Beasts of Balance DIY STL Files

Greetings lovely Maker Edition backers and DIY Artefact Pack owners! Below you’ll find a link to a 44.5mb .zip file containing the .STL files you’ll need to 3D print your own set of Beasts of Balance Artefacts. But first, a few things you might like to know; 1. Each Artefact comes in two halves (A & […]

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Help Beasts of Balance Clean Up this Thanksgiving Weekend

This is our first Thanksgiving and rather than join the thousands of other businesses scrambling to offer mega discounts, we thought we’d use the opportunity to take a breath and do something a little different. Beasts of Balance was inspired by nature and here at Sensible Object we passionately believe that safeguarding our planet is […]

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Manufacturing Beasts of Balance

One of the final steps in transforming our game from concept into a physical product, manufacturing Beasts of Balance has been an incredibly long—and loving—process. We thought it would be worth going through each step of the journey to show what goes into each set. Article ContentsManufacturing Step 1: Injection MouldingManufacturing Step 2: NFC Tag InsertionManufacturing Step 3: […]

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Our octopus was discovered at the bottom of the sea

Late last week, the BBC published an article about newly discovered and fabulously weird deep-sea creatures by the E/V Nautilus. We at the Beasts of Balance HQ couldn’t help but notice that one octopus in particular stood out as being strikingly similar to one of our own in-game creations…

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Breathing life into the beasts

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with an exotic talent from New Jersey, USA (that’s pretty exotic for us Londoners) who’s been breathing life into the beasts. Kyle McKernan is a fantastic animator, and we thought it’s time to show you some of his amazing work. The game looks so different with each […]

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Welcome to Beasts of Balance

We have some news! We are changing the name of Fabulous Beasts to Beasts of Balance. You might already have been aware, but a couple of months back we found our attempt to register Fabulous Beasts as a trademark was blocked. To cut a long story short, we decided that the most important thing for […]

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Looking back on the campaign

As our Kickstarter campaign comes to a close (at 10pm tonight!), we thought we’d go back and remember some of the things we saw and did and heard that made it extra special. Like that time Kylo Ren was a douchebag: We had some great things written about us. Here’s one of our favourites, by […]

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Fabulous GIFs

Six days to go until we launch on Kickstarter! Help us spread the word. Take a few seconds to join our Thunderclap and add your voice to an almighty shout when we go live!

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