Beasts of Balance blog: updates from the stacking game of wild creation


Calling all younger super-fans!

We’re looking for the younger members in our community to WOW us with some amazing videos to share with the world (which we know you can). Should you choose to take up this challenge, we’ll post you a signed Kickstarter Exclusive postcard with a thank-you note from the team for you to treasure (and, we assume, pass down for generations as a prized heirloom).

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The Best Family Games for the Holiday

Holidays and festivities abound throughout the year – but there’s something about nearing the end of a year that ramps up the festive season feelings. As we approach some goliath holidays between now and the new year, the number of get-togethers is on the rise. And, not remotely biased at all, we feel that one of the best ways to spend those get-togethers is by playing board games.

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a family playing beasts of balance together

Beasts of Balance: A Beginner’s Guide

So you’ve got a copy of Beasts of Balance: congratulations! Magnificent towers and wonderfully weird worlds await you.

Part of the beauty of Beasts of Balance is that there’s no right or wrong way to play the game. That being said, there’s no harm in giving a few pointers on how to get the most out of the game – from setting up the game for the first time, to become a stacking master.

So without further ado, here is our beginner’s guide to Beasts of Balance (or non-beginners, even). Happy stacking!

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Seven Ways Parents Can Encourage Healthy Gaming Habits

Games and play are a powerful force in children’s lives – and an increasingly rich media form that envelops children in interactive stories and vibrant technological creations. With the right guidance, interactive media and structured play can be valuable tools for teaching critical thinking, problem solving, and how to manage emotions under pressure. Games are […]

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Top 5 Spooky Board Games to Play on Halloween

Did it just get cold in here? Almost eerily cold… What was that? It sounded like a shriek in the distance? It’s a little unnerving… and these spiderwebs aren’t helping either. Well, it looks like it can only mean one thing… You’ve stumbled down a twisted path through the woods, and landed in a Halloween-themed […]

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The World of Twitch, Parenting, and Beyond: an Interview with John Reid

The media each generation grows up with is constantly shifting. And today’s relatively new kid on the block, streaming, has certainly made its mark on consumer entertainment – with platforms like Twitch providing a hub for audiences to watch and interact with others doing anything, from making a meal to playing games, as it happens […]

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Beasts of Balance Reviews

Beasts of Balance is an award winning game and well-loved by industry critics and consumers alike – and we have the reviews and awards to prove it! Have a read about Beasts of Balance in reviews, videos and podcasts from a variety of toy and game reviewers, journalists and bloggers! Check out our recent awards […]

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App Update: fabulous translations, spooky crustaceans, sharing celebrations and more!

Hi folks – we have a super app update that will (depending on your excitability threshold) make you say OMG! Or should we say: Here are the details: We’ve added support for our little crustacean friend, the Ghost Crab. So when you get the physical beast, his digital form will be all ready to go! […]

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Top 14 Educational Games for Children – Your Kids Will Love These!

School, as important as it is, can also be very tedious. Especially for young minds thinking of nothing but the next breaktime and playing outside in the sun (which is also great and important, don’t get us wrong, but alas only accounts for a relatively short amount of school time). So how do you capture […]

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