Form, Function, Fabulousness

Hey, Tim here. I’m responsible for the physical design of Fabulous Beasts. I’ve spent most of my time in the workshop since the Kickstarter launched making demo sets, lions with human faces and developing our production technique for the Handmade Edition, but I wanted to take time out to talk a little about the design […]

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This one’s for the makers (part 1)

Fabulous Beasts wouldn’t exist without the maker community; no word of  lie. This post may get quite techy but I really just want to convey some of the love and appreciation we have for this global band of free-thinkers and tinkerers. (This post isn’t an advert for the Fabulous Beasts Maker edition either; that will […]

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Fabulous Beasts launch party – we bring you all the hot takes

We had a launch party last night! A bunch of people from our mailing list came along. They played the game a lot. It’s great to put the beasts in their natural habitat – that is, a few beers, a bit of time to chat and play and have fun, and a lot of time […]

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Fabulous GIFs

Six days to go until we launch on Kickstarter! Help us spread the word. Take a few seconds to join our Thunderclap and add your voice to an almighty shout when we go live!

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Announcing our music collaborator: Disasterpeace!

So this is some very, very exciting news. We’re thrilled to announce that indie game luminary and all-round stellar composing talent Disasterpeace is going to be creating the soundtrack for our connected-tabletop-digital-stacking-game Fabulous Beasts. One of the things that really excites us about creating a game that bridges tabletop and digital is the potential for music […]

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How we’re going to ship Fabulous Beasts

Here’s a very important question: how do we manufacture and ship Fabulous Beasts to (hopefully) thousands of people? It’s one we’ve been wrestling with all year. We don’t just want to ship, we want to ship on time. To you! For Christmas 2016… It turns out the first thing we had to do was think globally. Over […]

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Getting Style: The story of Fabulous Beasts’ art design

A big part of Fabulous Beasts is the world you see on the connected screen, a world you’re continually evolving as you stack more and more pieces on to your tower. Seeing something you’ve just held in your hand pop into life on the screen is kind of magical, and so is the appearance of […]

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How we designed Fabulous Beasts

So, a few weeks ago, Fabulous Beasts completely changed. Alongside creating its hardware, we’ve been developing the game itself, and for the longest time we’ve focused on a competitive one, in which two players face each other over the tower in a red-in-tooth-and-claw battle for supremacy with their beasts. But we knew something was up […]

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Hot off the design press

We’re on Dezeen! Last week, as well as going out to Gamecity, we also invited into our studio a crew from this fantastic design website (it’s the kind of site that gets shown on the screen of new iPhones during Apple keynotes). They produced a great video in their Autodesk-supported Future Makers series about the […]

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