Beasts of Balance DIY STL Files

Posted on 9th December 2016 in Blog

3D Print your own stackable pieces for the Beasts of Balance stacking game using these files

Greetings lovely Maker Edition backers and DIY Artefact Pack owners! Below you’ll find a link to a 44.5mb .zip file containing the .STL files you’ll need to 3D print your own set of Beasts of Balance Artefacts. But first, a few things you might like to know;

1. Each Artefact comes in two halves (A & B), bar the Octopus who comes in three parts.

2. To make a complete set of Beasts of Balance, you’ll need the following:

3 x BoB_Action_Cross_A.STL
3 x BoB_Action_Cross_B.STL
3 x BoB_Action_Migrate_A.STL
3 x BoB_Action_Migrate_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Bear_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Bear_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Eagle_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Eagle_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Octopus_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Octopus_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Octopus_C.STL
1 x BoB_Beasts_Shark_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beasts_Shark_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Toucan_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Toucan_B.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Warthog_A.STL
1 x BoB_Beast_Warthog_B.STL
4 x BoB_Element_Air_A.STL
1 x BoB_Element_Air_B.STL
2 x BoB_Element_Earth_A.STL
3 x BoB_Element_Earth_B.STL
1 x BoB_Element_Fire_A.STL
4 x BoB_Element_Fire_B.STL
3 x BoB_Element_Water_A.STL
2 x BoB_Element_Water_B.STL
1 x BoB_Miracle_Distraction_A.STL
1 x BoB_Miracle_Distraction_B.STL
1 x BoB_Miracle_Haste_A.STL
1 x BoB_Miracle_Haste_B.STL

2. Inside each Artefact you’ll find a slot to hold an RFID tag. We recommend affixing the tag to a rectangular piece of card or plastics, then adding a few drops of glue to stick it in place.

3. Depending on your print material (we recommend PLA or ABS), either superglue or plastic weld generally work well for sticking the Artefact halves together. Juts be sure to give them enough time to dry before playing!

4. The tags really don’t like to be bent, so be careful when handling them. Also be careful with sharp edges around them, as any breaks in the copper antenna will probably kill them.

5. Don’t forget to mark the RFID tag location on the outside of the Artefacts before you glue them together!

6. For best results, please follow your 3D printer’s guidelines. We find that a layer height of 0.1 or smaller, with an infill density of around 20%, usually works well.

7. If being used by children, all activities should take place under adult supervision.

8. We’re publishing these files under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC BY-NC). This means you’re free to remix, tweak and build upon these files (and publish the results as you like), but you’ll need to credit us somewhere and can’t sell anything commercially. More info here.

9. We want to see what you make! Go crazy. Remix the models to your hearts content. Play with materials, finishes and household objects. Beasts of Balance was born of the maker movement so we can’t wait to see what the community does with our designs.

So go forth, make cool stuff, and share your creations with us when you do!

And finally – here are the files :