Posted on 15th October 2015 in Blog

Ho, it’s a busy time! Just after taking Fabulous Beasts to Spiel, and ahead of going to Gamecity at the end of the month, we’re also taking it to Indiecade in Los Angeles next week, October 23-25!

We’re super honoured that Fabulous Beasts is a 2015 Award Nominee, which puts it among an amazing selection of new games on show. There’s Mahdi Bahrami‘s Engare, Sam Barlow‘s Her Story, Cubeheart’s Scale, Pillow Castle’s Museum of Simulation Technology – and so many, many more. We’re incredibly grateful to the Indiecade team for selecting us!

Beasts of Balance stacking game is an Indiecade Finalist!

So Alex F will be out there to play Fabulous Beasts¬†with all comers, showcasing a new mode we’ve developed, a cooperative game where you work together to build a strong tower and a fabulous world. It’s super fun, and we’ve found it’s perfect for places like Indiecade.

Here’s a new picture of the game and pieces we’ll be going out with:

This is the version of Beasts of Balance tabletop stacking game we took to Indiecade

By the way, if you’d like to chat about anything relating to our time in LA, please just let us know at! We’re looking for places to go and people to meet and play Fabulous Beasts with!