Infographic Time!

Posted on 13th January 2017 in Blog

Did you know that over the holiday season, there were nearly 70,000 tower collapses? Or that, on average, the Miracle of Distraction Artefact probably took you around 16 seconds to stack? How on Earth do we know this? That’s easy – we were there! In your homes… crouched behind the Christmas tree… watching intently. Ok, not really (you can stop calling the police now) -, the Beasts of Balance app is able to gather a multitude of interesting facts about how you play the game, and sends us that data in the form of numbers, for our resident code master George to decipher and analyse.

This data helps us to identify patterns of gameplay, letting us reflect on what players are enjoying, or finding the most difficult, and so on. Our plan for the future of Beasts of Balance is to make the game even better than it currently is, and this information plays a key part in helping us do that. We’re keeping those ideas close to our chest for now, but we thought you’d like to see some of the strange-but-true nuggets of beastly trivia we’ve managed to gather from your godly stacking antics.

While George is entirely accustomed to staring at the scrolling lines of numbers and glyphs (“You get used to it. Your brain does the translating. I don’t even see the code, all I see is Bear, Shark, Octoucan…”), the rest of us tend to do better with something more recognisable. So, that can only mean one thing… we need an INFOGRAPHIC!

An infographic showing data from all Beasts of Balance games so far


So there you have it! The question is, what will you do with this newfound exclusive intelligence. Maybe you’ll make it your mission to join the elite club of 17 people who have managed to stack ALL the Artefacts, including Omnibeast and Lalnalion! Or seek out the legendary Hunchbacked Shoucan (the least discovered Elemental)! Or, of course, attempt to beat the current (phenomenal) high score of 1406! If you do any of those things, we want pictures, of course. 

Whatever you decide, we’ll be watching and taking notes. *stares intently, hums “every breath you take” by the police*

Team BoB

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