Play Fabulous Beasts at Spiel!

Posted on 5th October 2015 in Blog

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We have some news! We’re going to be showing Fabulous Beasts off at Spiel in Essen in Germany this week!

Are you going? We would LOVE to meet and play the game with you! Come to the Kickstarter stand, Hall 7 booth H-104 any time from mid-Thursday afternoon until Saturday lunchtime! We – that’s Matthew Hawn and me – will have stickers.

We’ll be sharing a prototype version of a brand new build of the game, with new pieces, new hardware and new gameplay to show off! This version switches from a player-versus-player battle to a co-operative world-building game. It’s much easier to pick up and play, which makes it perfect for quick sessions at busy conventions.

If you’re not going, Spiel is a huge four-day boardgaming convention where all the great new games are shown (and played). Kickstarter have given us the fantastic opportunity to be part of their showcase, which we couldn’t be more grateful for.

Wait, Kickstarter? Yes, Kickstarter! We’ll share some news about that while we’re at the show 🙂

And if you can’t make it to Essen, don’t forget we’re also showing the game at Gamecity at the end of this month.

And, indeed, our Playtest Thursdays, which are proving super-fun. To come along and play, eat pizza and drink beer with us, simply get in touch!