Welcome to Beasts of Balance

Posted on 21st June 2016 in Blog

We have some news! We are changing the name of Fabulous Beasts to Beasts of Balance.

You might already have been aware, but a couple of months back we found our attempt to register Fabulous Beasts as a trademark was blocked. To cut a long story short, we decided that the most important thing for delivering a great game to our Kickstarter backers on time was to avoid entering into a lengthy conflict. So we decided to make a change. You know, be the reed in the wind.

Since then, we’ve been searching for the right name, holding all manner of spicy debates in the studio and doing so extremely careful checking to ensure it really will be ours forever and ever. We wanted a name that explains a little what the game is about, and to keep the beasts as a focus. We’re really happy with the result!

Beasts of Balance is a digital tabletop stacking game

Then we turned to our friends at a Bristol design studio called Oak to design the logo. We wanted to keep continuity with our old one and also build on its strengths, while ensuring it works well everywhere it might end up in the future. They also came up with this fella, who you’ll be seeing a lot more of.

Animated Beasts of Balance icon

How does this affect the game itself? Not a jot. Outside the game, you might have noticed that we’ve changed our URL, and we’re changing our social account names, which will be:

Twitter: @beastsofbalance
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beastsofbalance
Instagram: @beastsofbalance

We hope you like the beasts’ new identity. We’re really happy with how it’s all turned out! And now? Onwards to launch!