Beasts of Balance is a hybrid tabletop digital stacking game for ages 7+

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"the hilarious panic as you desperately re-assemble your fallen tower before a volcano erupts is worth the price alone."

Infusing molded plastic with storylines and magic, this game shows what’s possible when you pair toys and tech.

hugely enjoyable and absorbing, one of those rare games that is genuinely enjoyable for all ages.

Beasts of Balance is very compelling and worryingly addictive, lovingly presented both inside and outside of the app

Seal of Excellence - "unique and fresh and interesting"

"A true digital board game hybrid."

Buckaroo! meets CRISPR in the frustratingly addictive Beasts of Balance

The digital app really does add something special to the game…anyone with children at home should have this one on their radar.

"well worth the price, both in terms of the quality of its construction as well as its repeat gameplay value" 5/5

Sensible Object is putting a modern twist on the classic tabletop game with Beasts of Balance, a digitally-enhanced, menagerie-filled world-building co-op game played with stackable, animal-shaped blocks.

One of the finest examples of physical and digital gameplay working together yet

A truly magical toy/board game/video game hybrid

We love Beasts of completely captured the imagination of my kids